Managing Financial Transactions

(Rickrofe) #1

Hi, I am new to Graph databases and I have been tasked with accessing if a Graph DB is a good candidate for reporting financial transactions (balances, payments, fees) for financial risk reporting? I have a strong relation DB background and I understand Graph DB concepts but not sure how to start from an architectural perspective.


(Elaine Rosenberg) #2

Hello Rick,

For starters, I suggest that you go through our free GraphAcademy online course to become familiar with Neo4j and Cypher. As a developer, you will use Neo4j Desktop for development. Then I suggest that you look at some of the documentation in our pages. If you have specific architectural questions, you can always post them here on the community site.

Best regards,
Elaine Rosenberg

(Rickrofe) #3

Thanks Elaine, will do.