Leo, Startup Founder from Brazil using PowerBI to explore data on Neo4j

Hi there!
My name is Leonardo Santiago, and I'm a startup founder, environmental engineer (with no IT background), learning how to do Cypher queries to bring data to PowerBI and built some visualizations to embed on my product.
The startup offers a web-based software, as a SaaS, which is a tool to support the management of environmental licensing processes. It is a system inspired on the best practices of collaborative management, integrating agile methodologies of project management, document management and contract management, organized in a comprehensive way according to the environmental licensing process.
We use Neo4j to structure the hierarchy that companies organize their environmental licenses and commitments, with a lot of attributes (fields) and set different access profiles and permissions to different users.
I am particularly involving with Neo4j because I´m creating data visualizations using PowerBI, and I need to know how to build queries to retrieve data.
Anyone dealing with Neo4j and PowerBI as well?