JAVA Api - fetch relation without a query

I have a Account class:

public class Account implements{
    private Long id;

    private Tenant tenant;
    //... getters and setters here

I am trying to fetch account where = id

Account  account= getAccount();
Filter tenantFilter = new Filter("id", ComparisonOperator.EQUALS, 
      tenantFilter.setNestedPath(new Filter.NestedPathSegment("tenant", Tenant.class));

sessionFactory.getNeo4jSession().loadAll(Account.class, tenantFilter ,3);

I'm always getting 0 results (removing the filter will return all the results...)

What's wrong with my query?

I want to use the java api and not writing a query.


Here is a code you can run locally, will be glad if you can help out:

I think that's not an officially supported API. Usually you'd write a query.