Jacob Davis-Hansson

(Jacob Davis-Hansson) #1

I do engineering at Neo. Over the years I've had my hands on most parts of the code base; everywhere from kernel code, procedures, cypher and Bolt to HA Paxos code and RAFT. Right now I write Kubernetes operators for Neo4j Cloud.

I also organize secret cabals to build more things in Rust, a language I know almost nothing about. For instance, I'm writing a clone of pgbench for neo in Rust over here: https://github.com/jakewins/neobench

Oh, and I maintain Boltalyzer, a network analysis and traffic replay tool for Bolt: https://github.com/jakewins/boltalyzer

(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome Jake,

has it really been already 8 year :) Looking forward to cloud and more awesomeness from you. Fortunately the surface of Neo4j is soo wide that there is something for everyone to have fun with.

(Karin Wolok) #3

Hi Jake!!!!!!!!
Thanks for joining us! :heart: