Issue with python native driver displaying iso time formats

Looking at the neotime python package in I see that the iso_format method for the Time class works differently than the iso_format method for the DateTime class. Specifically, the DateTime.iso_format method will return the timezone information but the Time.iso_format method does not. See below…

From the DateTime class

def iso_format(self, sep="T"):

s = "%s%s%s" % (, sep, self.time().iso_format())

if self.tzinfo is not None:

offset = self.tzinfo.utcoffset(self)

s += "%+03d:%02d" % divmod(offset.total_seconds() // 60, 60)

return s

From the Time class

def iso_format(self):

return "%02d:%02d:%012.9f" % self.hour_minute_second

This seems like a bug to me, I have to code around this in my application since I don’t want to make changes to the neotime file.