Is there any way that the RedHat and Debian package files could be included on the GitHub releases page?

I know that the .rpm and .deb files for the Neo4J server releases are available on Neo4J's Yum and Debian repositories.

Is there any way that these packaged files could be posted alongside the .zip and .tar.gz archives that are on the GitHub "Release" pages? For example, here.

What I am envisioning is something like the cypher-shell releases, where the .rpm and .deb files are included with the .zip. Could the releases for Neo4J be modeled off that?

The reason I ask is that it is far easier in bureaucratic corporate environments (at least the one that I am in) to grab releases from GitHub releases than Yum or Debian repos.

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This request sounds reasonable to me, I've forwarded it to our engineering team.

would apt-get get-deb-file be a workaround for you? See package management - Is there an apt command to download a deb file from the repositories to the current directory? - Ask Ubuntu

Hi, unfortunately that would not be a workaround for us. We have an internal Artifactory instance that can proxy to releases, but cannot, for a variety of reasons, proxy to yum or apt repositories.

What we have been doing so far is, for each release, request permission to manually grab a specific .rpm file hosted on the Neo4J Yum repo. We have to keep repeating this cumbersome process for each and every release.

But, if the .rpm files were also available on the Neo4J GitHub releases page (the way that cypher-shell is), we could easily grab them from there.

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