(Guilherme Junqueira) #1

Hello Guys,

This is Guilherme and I currently work on a startup in São Paulo!

Happy graphing for everbody,

(Michael Hunger) #2

Welcome Guilherme,

what area is your startup working on? Are you member of the SP neo4j meetup group?
There is also a dedicated channel for your city #local-groups:sao-paulo


(Guilherme Junqueira) #3

Hello Michael,

I thought I were already posting on my dedicated channel. I am still getting used to this website...

My startup can be broadly categorized as a GovTech. We offer ways to improve fiscal health of Brazilian municipalities.

I am not a member of the neo4j meetup group (yet). :slight_smile:

Take care!

(Michael Hunger) #4

Oh sorry, my bad :) you were right.