Introduce yourself here

(Maxim Salnikov) #1

Hello, neo4j heroes from Norway! Let's do a round of self-introductions in this topic

(Maxim Salnikov) #2

I'm Maxim Salnikov, Full-Stack Engineer at ForgeRock, Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP. Follow me on twitter @webmaxru

I use neo4j for our experiments with relationship-based digital identity platform. To help front-end developers to use neo4j directly from the browser I created and maintain angular-neo4j package.

I'm the organizer of some large webdev communities and conferences in Norway and an active tech speaker (Modern web, Progressive Web Apps, Angular). Here are my speaker's bio and the main presentation topics. Feel free to invite me to speak at your event!

(Adam Cowley) #3

Hey Maxim, although I'm from the UK (more about me here) I've been spending quite a bit of time with a client in Oslo recently (also based in Lysaker). I'm in love with the place! It would be great to get a meet up going in Norway. I know that there are a lot of people either using or interested in Neo4j.

(Maxim Salnikov) #4

Hi, Adam!
My company is also based in Lysaker :slight_smile:
This would be really cool if you invite your neo4j contacts from Norway to join this thread. I'm keen on meeting the local community! About the meetup - no prob at all - if we have 2-3 speakers, I can organize the rest. Would you or your colleagues like to come to Oslo to speak?