Integrate Cypher with PlantUML for Documentation

My team documents our work. PlantUML is a language for generating diagrams -- especially classical sequence, class, and UML diagrams -- from plain-text input. PlantUML is an ascii-art language, like Cypher. We use PlantUML to generate and maintain diagrams and artwork that accompany our written material. We make extensive use of Neo4J, in many cases using it as what old-timers would call an "OODB".

Both PlantUML and Cypher make extensive use of ascii art. There is enough similarity between PlantUML and Cypher that I wonder if anyone has attempted to create a PlantUML package/extension that allows Neo4J nodes, relationships, and properties to be rendered by PlantUML into a standard .png file.

An underlying premise -- and key feature -- of Neo4J is "The graph IS the data model". It seems to me that emitting the underlying data model of a Neo4J database as a PlantUML diagram follows from the premise.

Am I missing something obvious here? Does this resonate with anyone here?

Perhaps the more generic question is how organizations document the structure and schema of the Neo4J databases that they use. PlantUML strikes me as an obvious choice for that.