How to Show the graph


(Ahmedfirst56) #1

CREATE (Friends_List:Friend {title:'Friends_List', tagline:'Welcome to the Real World'})
CREATE (Ahmed:Friend {name:'Ahmed Ali', born:1964})
CREATE (Asim:Friend {name:'Asim Ashraf', born:1967})

(Ahmed)-[:FRIENDS_WITH {roles:['Asim']}]->(Friends_List),
(Asim)-[:FRIENDS_WITH {roles:['Kazi']}]->(Friends_List);

this is my code i am using sandbox and i am new to it
so i wanted it to be shown as graph , but it is not showing i am only getting this message

Added 3 labels, created 3 nodes, set 8 properties, created 2 relationships, completed after 12 ms.

means my program is write but it is not showing graph , like the example..
I also try the match and then return but can't seems to understand it ..

need help about graph

(Stefan Armbruster) #2

you need to use return, see

(Michael Hunger) #3

Or run after the CREATE:

MATCH (n)-->(m) RETURN n,m

Best if you take the online course to get quickly up to speed: