How to return certain number of nodes for all node types of result

Hello everyone,

I am trying to filter my query based on specific node types. I have 3 different nodes(Person, Children, and Parent) in my Neo4j DB and I want to show a certain number of these types of nodes. My scenario is like this:
1- Get nodes which person's name contains "Albert" as P (P:Person)
2- Get children of this person who has more than 1 child and show just 2 of these children
3- Get one of the parents of these people
4- As a result, show to user that {Person, 2 children of this person, Father or Mother of this Person)

I researched many of the posts on the Neo4j blog and StackOverflow but I couldn't find the solution. I tried to use Subquery but couldn't succeed.
I am a newbie of Neo4j, can you help me, please?


Hi @root.mch

Is this reply helpful?

Hi @koji

I am sorry but it is not useful for me, I am looking a cypher that it returns me the certain number of different nodes. I want to get relations between 3 different nodes but also I want to show some of these relations/nodes.

Let me give you another example about my problem. Think you want to find some people and also when you find them you want to look at 2 childrens of these person's and mother or father of them. It does not matter these people has 10 childs or 2 childs, you want to get just 2 of them.

I could not find a solution yet. If you help me about this, I will appreciate.