How to query Neo4j while marking some intersting nodes?

In the Neo4j browser I can easily show all relationships:

MATCH p=()-[r]->() RETURN p

Plus I can easily show some particularly interesting relationship(s):

MATCH p=(n)-[r]->() WHERE n.relevance > 10 RETURN p

But how can I combine these two: How can I show all nodes (from the first query) and somehow mark the the nodes/relationships from the second query in the same graph frame?

Hmm that's not built in.
The only thing you can do is to use the relevance as caption.

In Neo4j Bloom you can do that though as you can have conditional styling.

Cheers, Michael

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Thanks @michael.hunger. Will look at Bloom.

As for using a property as caption, how do I tell the front end to use some node information as caption? Can I do it at the time of network creation via a special property name?