How to modify the existed apoc.trigger?

Everytime I modify the trigger,I have to remove the existed apoc.trigger and add a new one...
It's little bored and troublesome to do this repeatable prosedure
Is there any way to modify the old one or by any other easier way to do that? It bothers me a lot recently... :smiling_face_with_tear:


You can set a config apoc.trigger.refresh=<numberOfMilliseconds> (default is 60000ms),
to refresh your overwritten triggers every n milliseconds.

It's not easy to find in the documentation indeed,
because it's here (in apoc.trigger.add specific page)
but not here (in the overview).

I just added a pull request which also updates the home page.

oh thank you~I finally got the response.
You're right bro, I haven't noticed this parameter...I'm confused whether this influence the speed of the graph processing or not? In other words,will it always refresh apoc until I close the datebase?
Thanks again~ :grin:

Well, the refresh will check that the values of the apoc.trigger.list coincide with the actual ones (which are actually nodes placed in the system database), and if necessary, update them.

But it is a light operation (unless you have a huge number of triggers).
It's like doing a SET of a node for each trigger.

okay, I understood, thank you for explanation~ :yum: