How to get list of records which got failed during batch loading in neo4j

Hello Team,

I am using Neo4j 3.5.5 and I am trying to load the data using periodic iterate statement in neo4j.
I want to know the how many records got failed and passed and their lists which got failed?

Please help!

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Hi Akshat,

Best way to solve this is via a programming language.

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for replying !!
But how ?? Any logic!!
Is neo4j not capable of giving these details?


I suggest to you pre-process the data set first and then kick ingestion. In the preprocessing you can get all the details good data and bad data list.
I do not think there is anything we have in apoc or general cypher for data quality check. And moreover it is not very generic too to built. DQC is source and data specific