How to best retrieve JSON string as a property on a node

I am attempting to store comments in a GRANDstack application. I currently store the comment like this:

type Comment {
id: ID!
author: ID!
delta: String

Where delta is a quilljs delta object that I have stringified and looks like this:

{"ops":[{"insert":"Test comment\n"}]}

What would be the best way to turn this back into an object when I query for a comment in my graphql schema?

Do I need some kind of apoc function on the Comment type for the delta property? The only solution I can think of right now is to JSON.parse(delta) on the client side, but this would be rather convoluted and inefficient for me. Thanks for any help or suggestions!

I believe you can actually store it as a JSON object and use that type and declar a

scalar JSON

type that you can use. You could also store it as a map or something of that nature.

Forgive me, I'm new to using Neo4j and GraphQL. Could you help me understand how to declare a scalar JSON type in my GraphQL schema file?

Hi, you can save as JSON String so you convert this in your app


Just like above. You would put that in your schema and then you can use it like Dog: JSON, etc.