Hi from Atul, Pune - India

(Atul Khot) #1

Atul here from Pune, India... A self-taught programmer... Learnt to code by studying code written by others ;-) - and from books and the internet.
Well I started writing code (C/C++ code actually) - in 1996. Then moved to Java - and then to Scala. Right now I am leading a team at a fintech startup - creating an analytics product for the banking industry.
Have always loved Unix & Linux - and the command line. I have dabbled a lot with scripting languages - and these days hooked by Elixir ;-)
Would be happy to help and contribute to neo4j - You are a great community here... Thanks for all the hard work!


(Jennifer Reif) #2

Hello, Atul! Thanks for joining the community. Looking forward to your contributions to your industry and Neo4j's community! Fintech is a very intriguing (though complicated) industry, and we love hearing about successes in various industries all over the world.

On your background, sounds like you will also bring enormous value here, as well! Self-taught programmers bring a different perspective. I've always enjoyed scripting and the command line, as well, but never had the chance (yet!) to learn C. Hopefully someday! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your time here!



(Atul Khot) #3

Thank you so much Jennifer! I would love to help in whatever ways I could...
Neo4J is super cool! The Graph Algorithms book is awesome - Will explore neo4j some more - and then will start helping & contributing...

--- cheerio atul