Hi All ! I'm Jess from the Philadelphia Neo4j Community

(Jess) #1

Hi everyone! I'm Jess, I work in Philadelphia as a Project Manager and COO at my company Untitled Folder, LLC. My business partner Jason Cox and I started our company to help startups to get from Idea to MVP with a scalable app that grows with them.

In our free time, we run the Philadelphia Neo4j Meetup called Philly GraphDB. We Meet about once a month and work to help our community members learn about all the incredible things you can do with Neo4j. The focus for most of our meets is around civic data and journalism projects we can build with our community to improve the city of Philadelphia and citizens lives.

We Recently won a grant to work on the civic project we've been developing with our communities called the Cypher Philly Initiative. We've also started a new meetup series call Philly Data Graphs 4 Good to accompany our grant and discover what data problems and stories we can tell to improve our community.

If you're in Philadelphia and want to learn more about Neo4j or share what you know, send me a message or come to one of our meetups and say hi.

(Jess) #2

Meetup Data was Rescheduled because of the snow Here is a link to the new date. We hope you can make it if you're in the Philly or surrounding area.