Hey People ! Rafik from Tunis :)

Hey Guys,
I am Rafik form tunis, commonly known as @turbopape on the nets :slight_smile:
I am finally at it :) Taking profit from this quarantine period to go back to my project scheduling dream (which I want to turn into a product)
My product is called milestones and promises to schedule your projects for you, should you know your tasks or not:)
The main lib devised as a proof of concept is hosted here and it was developed with Clojure, using hand-written stuff for scheduling and graph traversal (cycles, precedents, etc...)
I came to neo4j for 2 reasons:

  • First, It'll be easier for our scheduler. Graphs will be used to represent project structures, and output schedules. Algorithms like critical paths, cycles, etc would be so more natural and readable.
  • Secondly, I hope to detect task patterns (using some Natural Language Processing on Nodes) out of all those projects structures and schedules to be able to have an AI that suggests project schedules based on some descriptions :slight_smile:
    So, let's see how all of this goes :)
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