Grouping and setting group labels

I have some data nodes and several evaluation agencies. Each organization groups some or all of these data and sets its own group label. Our needs are: merge the nodes that were originally grouped together into a new group, and reset the new group label. For example: there are 8 nodes of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and there are 3 evaluation agencies a, b, ca. The data grouping and labeling of the agency are: A, B is 1 group, C, D, E are 2 groups. The organization's data grouping and grouping labels are: A, F for group 1, C, D for group 2, G for group 3. c The data grouping and grouping labels of the organization are: A, B is group 1, C, E is group 2, G, H is group 3, I, J is group 4. Therefore, our final grouping and group labels are: A, B, F for 1 group, C, D, E for 2 groups, G, H for 3 groups, I, J for 4 groups. What should I do with neo4j?Thank you very much!

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