Freezing(?) after 1.5 million insert with Java at 100% cpu

I filled a database with nodes (CREATE) through a python script using neo4j.GraphDatabase.
Every 1000 entries I finished the session and transaction and began a new one.

This worked fine for a continuous set of ~30.000 nodes.

Then I tried it on a much larger dataset.
After ~1.5 million nodes the python script did not go forward anymore. Checking the task manager showed Java running with 100% cpu.
As of my understanding this should not happen(?)

My code looks about like this:

driver = GraphDatabase.driver(uri, auth=(user, password))
   session = driver.session()
   transaction = session.begin_transaction()"CREATE ( ... )")  # 1000 times

Is this a memory issue within Neo4j?

What is your heap configuration.

You should not create a new session 3000 times.
Just create a single session and use 3000 transactions.

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Batching also helps, if you are able. Doing an UNWIND of a batch of data (such as 10k or so at a time) and processing the entire batch per transaction rather than a single create per transaction will be more efficient.

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agreed with Dave on the config, please share what you have configured for your server.

if would be good if you used parameters, e.g. a list of dicts for your data

and then use

UNWIND $params AS row
CREATE (n:Something) n += row

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