Fallen at the first hurdle

(Adam Rahman) #1

So I have just installed the Neo4j desktop and started the :play concepts guide

The first step says to draw a node and give it some properties, then the second step is to apply the label Person to the node and colour it red.

I can't find anywhere to do this, can anyone help?

(Michael McKenzie) #2

I think my understanding is this first part is meant to be more of a hands on exercise. Likely literally draw a circle, etc. It has been a while since I did that exercise in the Desktop.

If you keep clicking on the "right arrow" to get to the end you will see an option to start the "Intro" or "Cypher" tour aspects. You can also choose to jump straight into the code with "The Movie Graph" example (which you will also see on the last tab).

(Adam Rahman) #3

Thanks. When it mentioned applying labels and changing colours I though I was supposed to be doing something in the browser

(Michael Hunger) #4

Yes you can do it in the browser, see this for a more detailed explanation what you can do in the browser:

in general here you find more details on how to get started.