Django API not returning any nodes


I created a Django rest framework API to interact with a local Neo4j database, and it works in that I can add nodes, edit nodes, add relationships and what not. However, when I try to assign a MATCH query to a variable and return that variable, the endpoint simply doesn't show any json nodes. For example, when I try this line of code in my Python driver:

with self.driver.session() as session:
return"CREATE (n:Student {name:'"+data.get("name")+"',email:'"+data.get("email")+"',"
"uid:'"+ data.get("uid") + "',phone:'"+data.get("phone")+"'}) RETURN n")

I can call this method and create a new node in the database properly, but I get an empty object when I call it although I clearly return n. I know I'm supposed to receive the node that I just created, but only an empty object (the object) shows up on my Postman console. This works on other people's computers, just not mine. Does anyone know how I can solve this? I've been trying to fix this for 2 days and even hard resetted my software on the computer to no effect.