Display entities and links

Hi all,
I seek to have all the entities with their associated arcs which have a link with a specific entity.
For example, all the warehouses that deliver a particular store.
I tried but I can't get what I want.

"MATCH p = () -> (Store {store:" EXAMPLE "}) -> () RETURN p

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hello @sander.gamboa :slight_smile:

Can you share the model and put the PNG file here? :slight_smile:

CALL db.schema.visualization

But you can try

MATCH (a)-[r1]->(Store {store:"EXAMPLE"})-[r2]->(b) RETURN *
MATCH p=(a)-[r1]->(Store {store:"EXAMPLE"})-[r2]->(b) RETURN p


Thanks for your answer ! It works !

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