Creating GraphConfig in the graph when using neosemantics in embedded Neo4j

I want to write Java code for a procedure which can import ontologies into Neo4j with neosemantcis. This is a procedure which should be used over and over again, so I don't want to use neosemantics in the browser for every single ontology. I found code on GitHub which I'm trying to use: Code on GitHub
However I couldn't find a function that creates a GraphConfig in the database. There is one constructor that declares a new GraphConfig as an object:

public GraphConfig(Map<String, Object> props) throws InvalidParamException{

and another one that can read a GraphConfig from the database and then creates a new object:

public GraphConfig(Transaction tx) throws GraphConfigNotFound

Is there a function that can create a GraphConfig as a node in the graph after the GraphConfig was already initialized as an object in the code? I have been looking through the different folders and classes on GitHub but couldn't find one.
Thank you in advance!