Consistent parameter method to store in a .cypher text file

(Paul Drangeid) #1

I am using a powershell driver to execute .cypher scripts.

I want to use parameters in these scripts, but parameters seem to be very specific to the method of execution, either custom write code within the app (java, etc) or a method that only works in the neo4j browser.

Is there something I can use to place parameters in a saved text .cypher code, that will always work?
If I do this in the browser it works fine:
:param myimportfile => "file:///C:/Users/joe/myexcelfile.xlsx"

But if I try to submit that in a .cypher via the powershell cypher driver it kicks back an error: Invalid input ":": expected init (line 1, column 1 (offset: 0))":param myimportfile =

without having to perform an entire parsing of the .cypher via powershell, is there a native way to send parameters within .cypher?


(Michael Hunger) #2

Unfortunately not, you'd have to write code yourself that takes these params and passes them to the powershell driver.