Cluster deployment on google compute engine

@david_allen, Is it possible to deploy the clusters on 2 different instance zone on google using the deployment tool. if we keep all three CORS under one zone, then what would happen if there is some interruption in that particular zone, our entire database will be down? thank you

It's not possible with the default templates, but by customizing them you could. This would lead to other restrictions though -- for example you could only run on regions with more than a certain number of zones.

sorry, what you meant by only run in region with more than a certain number of zones?
are u saying minimum 2 nodes should be in each zone. means if we want in two different zone, we need minimum CORE=4

The answer is yes -- it's possible. But the default template does not do it. You would need to customize the deployment manager artifacts we use to deploy these clusters. If you want to do this, send me an email and I'll get you connected with a copy of those templates that you can adjust to your needs.

The number of zones and number of core nodes are different considerations. What I meant was that if you want to do this "zone spreading" it would be good to have as many zones as you had nodes. So for example, if you have 3 core nodes, you'd want a minimum of 3 zones. If you put 3 nodes in 2 zones, then still you could lose your cluster if one zone went offline, and the point of doing this is to maintain HA if a zone drops out.

Different regions have different numbers of zones, so depending on how big your cluster is and your HA needs, taking this approach you'd want to choose your region carefully to maximize this spreading.

Also note that google names the zones differently per region. It's for these reasons that we didn't build this into the google template by default. In our AWS templates, we limit deploys to only those regions with >= 3 AZs, and then we round-robin all nodes across the AZs.