Cannot log in and can never receive passwod reset email from neo4j

Hello, I am new to neo4j and just tried sanbox days ago. Today I would like to check my database but unfortunately lost my password after several failed attemps (actually I wrote my password down and have no idea whether it is considered wrong). And then I clicked on "forget my password" waiting for the email for password resetting, however, tried several times but can never get the email from Neo4j (spam box checked). BTW, it is able to receive other emails from neo4j, only the email reset one not.

Since I am so new here and I don't know whom should I contact regarding this problem. I would appreciate if anyone can help.


Hi @yuxin16

Assuming that you could login to Neo4j community, by loosing your password you mean the neo4j sandbox instance password. If so then when you login to the neo4j sandbox portal, there on the right hand side options there is an option for support. You can try checking that out.


Hi @dhruv.sharma8826 ,
thanks and sorry for late reply.

No I could not log in to use Sandbox at all, not only a single project. My community account (Github) is different from my Neo4j Sanbox account (personal email). I cannot even restore my account sind the password reset email cannot be successfully delivered to me.