Can we use neo4j 4.0 with PHP?

After playing enough with neo4j alone, I decided to integrate it to my PHP project, and searched for drivers or whatever it is called. The only not abandoned github repository I found, the one called a partner on this forum, stopped development like last year:

The driver does not support Neo4j 4.0 and recent 3.5.x versions.
To reply as it was asked a couple of times already. So far, due to the lack of documentation for driver authors ( lack from Neo4j ), the amount of time needed to upgrade to Neo4j 4.0 is above a reasonable financial limit.
So without a serious effort from Neo4j to bring back at least some documentation, or a company who would sponsor the development of the upgrade ( count ~ $10-15k), we cannot afford to spend the time on this.

So, is there a way to connect to neo4j 4.0 via PHP? I find that worrying that I am relying on a DB I might not be able to upgrade because drivers are not maintained... Does that mean no neo4j's client is using PHP? Or maybe I am worrying for nothing and there is a solution. In that case, I would like to hear it, please.
If not, what am expected to do (what is the latest supported version using what)? Thanks.


I would also like to know the answer to this question. I've been trying to get graphaware's neo4j-php-client working with Neo4j 4.0.2, so far without success.

discourse I'd be interested in hearing whether you were able to integrate with your PHP project, and if so, what did you use.

Does someone has any news about PHP driver update for Neo4j 4+?