Can we run multiple databases at a time?

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Can we run multiple graph databases at one and the same time ?
If yes, then how ?

Not with Neo4j Desktop.

We do have multi-clustering support currently, which is essentially clusters of clusters, though this requires Enterprise Edition and it's one cluster (min 3 nodes) per database.

While a very niche feature, it sets the groundwork for what we've been building for 4.0.

In 2019 our 4.0 release is aiming to introduce multi-tenancy support, which would allow multiple independent graphs throughout the cluster, which sounds more like what you're requesting.

Ok. We will purchase Enterprise Edition. PLease guide more on multi-clustering ? Also multi-clustering is in a single graph database ,isn't it ? That is , only a single database runs and only one port is active at a time

You'll want to review the overview and documentation for multi-clustering.

Multi-clustering is as the name implies, a cluster of clusters.

That is, if you wanted 3 separate databases (all of them being online simultaneously), each separate database would be backed by its own cluster (minimum of 3 nodes per each cluster), and multi-clustering would allow a single discovery service to allow entry and routing to the right cluster (db). So 9 individual server nodes would be needed to serve 3 clusters of 3 nodes each.

Make sure that's really what you need first.

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Hey! I'm also exploring for more materials on this feature, I replied to this post first about multi-tenancy before finding this thread

Also @andrew_bowman is it the case that there are plans to introduce new methods/primitives in a 4.x release that involve multi-tenancy, or is multi-tenancy support to be more of a continuation of the multi-clustering capabilities (released in 3.4+) with additional features/enhancements? If Neo4j has tips for designing multi-tenant clusters now that may ease migrations to any new constructs in the future that'd also be amazing :ok_hand: