Building Neo4j Applications with Java - My Favorites List

Hi Neo4j Graph Academy,

Not sure whether this is the right place or not but, going through the newly released Building Neo4j Applications with Java course, I've been stuck in the Testing part of the challenge for the My Favorites List section.

Actually, the final test is looking for the following, based on the movie Toy Story:
MATCH (u:User {email: ""})-[:HAS_FAVORITE]->(:Movie {title: 'Toy Story'})
RETURN true AS shouldVerify

But when checking the associated test file, it is using and looking for the Goodfellas movie with HAS_FAVORITE relationship.

Changing to the toyStory tmdbId reference in the test file solves the issue: the appropriate relationship is created and can be checked.

My 2 cents
Best regards

Hi Xavier,

thanks for asking, not sure if you saw in the 07-favorite-list branch there is a test that actually saves Toy Story to the database:

Not sure which branch you're running the test from. Or if we missed adding this extra test to the earlier branches.

Hi Michael,

I can indeed see that the branch you are refering to contains the right version with saveToyStoryToUserFavorites.

I actually started the course from the zip file on github which contains a different version of the with the following tests included:

  • notFoundIfMovieOrUserNotExist
  • saveMovieToUserFavorites
  • addAndRemoveMovieFromFavorites
    which refer to goodfellas then

Best regards