Building a Dating site with Neo4j


(Maxdemarzi) #1

I've started a multi part blog series on building a dating site using Neo4j. Even if you have no desire to build a dating site, you should check it out for some common techniques on using extensions, using dated relationship types, indexes, and more.

The first seven parts are up, I'm still working on coding and writing up the rest:

Any thoughts, comments, bug fixes, or contributions are welcomed.

(The Graph Giraffe) #3

Thanks for submitting!

I’ve added a tag that allows your blog to be displayed on the community home page!

(Kevin Oosterhout) #4

It looks great at first sight. I'll be sure to read it all. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

(Maxdemarzi) #6

Parts 8-12 have been published:

Source code is on . If any part was not clear or you would have considered a different modeling choice or have a question about your own applications that have similar features, please don't hesitate to comment.