Buenos Aires/Argentina/Latam [in English!]

Is there such a group? Could it be created please? If nobody better qualified moderates, happy to volunteer a bit to get the ball rolling...

I'm seeing that the local groups aren't being utilized as well as I was thinking people would use it. I'm wondering if we should maybe make these groups language based instead of by locations.

Can you please share with me what would be your top goals would be for having a local group? I can brainstorm solutions based on that feedback.

Fair point, it depends. Most developers will obviously speak English. Language is not the issue. Territory maybe because of localisations and local legal requirements.

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I'm thinking that we need something more 'chat room' style for local groups rather than threads. I think it's awkward to have to put in a subject AND a body when you're just writing hello or something, right?

Definitively. Agree.
Ps: hello!