Big Mountain Data & Dev conference

(Mike R Black) #1

Anyone here attending the Big Mountain Data & Dev conference hosted by Utah Geek Events?

If you are, come catch my session today at 3 pm where I'll be talking about Neo4j!

(Mike R Black) #2

Thanks to everyone who came to my session. Standing room only. I couldn't count but I'm guessing over 100 people in attendance. It'd be interesting to see if internet traffic from SLC increased to the Neo4j site. Maybe this will be a catalyst for a strong graph community here.

(William Lyon) #3

Congrats and thanks so much for giving the talk! Glad to hear it went well :-) What was the focus of your presentation?

(Mike R Black) #4

My topic was primarily an intro to graph. Common use cases, characteristics and capabilities of a graph, and the cypher query language.

Many of the people in the room, as I expect as it is in most places, they're all familiar with RDMS/SQL, some are familiar with Hadoop and other big Data technologies. But in the room of around 100 there was very little familiarity of any graph DB and why they would want to use one.

There was a lot of interest in the room, a constant stream of questions throughout the presentations and several people stayed after to talk to me. I thoroughly enjoyed introducing a topic that has captivated my interest for a long time.