Bangkok Neo4j Workshop: Get started with Neo4j graph database deployed to Azure cloud

I am happy to announce: November 5 - Neo4j Workshop in Bangkok. The second event in the year in Thailand's land of smile :slight_smile: This time hosted by CodeSanook Tech Meetups Community.

In this hands-on session, we will talk about the Fundamentals of Neo4j graph database.
We will do a fast setup and run of Neo4j Docker container in Azure cloud.
Next, we will explore Flights use-case of Neo4j graph Data Modeling and learn basic concepts of Cypher querying.
Our final goal is to run GRANDstack Application connected to our Flight graph database.


  • Build Neo4j docker image
  • Deploy Neo4j to Azure cloud
  • Modeling Flights use-case in Neo4j graph database
  • Search for Flights using GRANDstack App