Azure Template: can't sign in

(Rob Clother) #22

Hi guys: is there any update on this? I'd really like to get set up on Azure ASAP. Are there any fixes or workarounds available? This issue is blocking my access to Neo4j at the moment.

(M. David Allen) #23

Update guys -- internally both @ali.ince and I tried to replicate this and failed. Above, we requested logs, but I'm not sure if you checked them or what additional hints you found there.

Partially because we can't replicate, and partially because we know that a major update is coming to the Azure marketplace soon, I've not wanted to go too deep on this. I do have a set of ARM templates and a shell script for deploying them. If you want to email me privately ( I think I can get you sorted out in the short term with the approach that the Azure marketplace will take. The engineering for that is finished and it's all working in a much simpler fashion now than what you're seeing live on the marketplace, I'm just working my way through the approvals which are taking time. I'd love to give you a timeframe on when that would be live, but I can't because we don't control the approvals on the Azure side.

This newer approach is something I'd strongly recommend anyway, because what you're trying to launch with this is the Neo4j HA product, which is deprecated and the newer setup would not only be a newer version of Neo4j, but the causal cluster product, and would also come with key plugins like APOC out of the box. So basically it's all around preferable over working through this particular bug.

If you have a compelling need for HA or you don't have the ability to use azure CLI tools locally (because those would be needed to use the templates I'd send you via email) -- then in this case to continue debugging here we're really going to need you to post the full logs of these machines that are failing, so we can look further for the reason why, since we can't replicate.

(Rob Clother) #24

Hi David -- many thanks for your offer. I will take you up on this. Apologies for not sharing the logs: to be completely honest, I wasn't sure where to find the trace. I could dig it up with your assistance (or a small hint), but it sounds like we'll just be putting needless effort into debugging a deprecated template.