Available for Contract Work

Hi Friends!

From October 6th, I will be #available for contract engagements, in the APAC region. My professional work falls into two (#Australia-based company) brands:

With Liberation Data: Backend development, specializing in Neo4j. I am a Neo4j Certified Progressional, and have been working in the graph community since 2015.

I like Java, Kotlin, Micronaut and SpringBoot. I was an early employee of SpringSource and contributor to the Spring Framework.

I like NodeJS with TypeScript too! Take a look at DRIVINE.ORG, which shows how I like to set up high-performance NodeJS apps on a graph database backend.


With AppsQuickly I do Apple Mac and iOS development. I created Typhoon, which powers thousands of iOS applications such as Audible.com, Singapore Airlines and AMEX.

I worked on numerous AppStore 'Best New Apps', with clients large and small.

I uncovered and shared ways to apply Agile engineering practices in the Apple ecosystem.

If the work is something that I am passionate about, I'm unstoppable, so if this post resonates with you, let's talk. I can't wait to work with you!

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Hello - are you available to help our in-house engineer for a few days starting next week? I realize you said Oct 6 however thought I'd double check.

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I could to it from Wednesday 23rd to 25th of September (inclusive), if that works?

Hey Jasper,
Thank you for your reply. Only issue is our engineer is standing up our second database this week which is the Neo4j. We are moving away from our Postgres DB which we’ve had since 2017. Could you do one day this week? He’s in UK time zone. You? Oh and what’s your rate?

What backend stack to you use @alejosun?

Perhaps you could use drivine.org to help with migration. (Because it works as both a Neo4j and a Postgres driver).

Can't confirm yet, but I may be able to free up some availability late in the week.

Let's connect on LinkedIn. This is me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasper-blues-7781638/

My timezone is GMT+8.

We need some spot consulting work on Neo4j to clean up some of our approaches and queries. Contact me at bill.dickenson@veriprism.llc -- Thanks

Hi Bill!

Thanks for reaching out. I've now become very busy again (when it rains it pours), however let's help you find someone to help with your consulting objectives. I'll be reaching out in that regard.

Kind Regards,