Aleksandr Tavgen - Software Architect at Playtech also related with Art

(Alex Tavgen) #1

Hi, I am Aleksandr Tavgen. Now I work as a Software Architect at Playtech. Mostly in R&D projects with Data Science and Machine Learning.

Also I have a lot of projectes related with arts, robotics, some other cool stuff.

IImplemented 3 project using Graphs and Neo4j as an engine.

  1. Entity Fraud Detection - Reduced losses up to 2% of total turnover (1-2 millions on market with tens millions size)
  2. Business Intelligence projects. Product tree, Client interconnections stored as graph, and stitistics prom product/services usage stored in time-db. So we have almost perfect Business Intelligence tool with Master Data Management
  3. Interactive theatre Project where we used graphs for storing story lines and met information.

Got a lot information from the community and wonderful Neo4j team. Try to share some of my experience with a community :)

(Michael Hunger) #2

Thanks a lot for all your work and your amazing article!

For those of you that haven't seen it: