Alberto De Lazzari - Principal Consultant at Larus Business Automation

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I'm Alberto De Lazzari, a Principal Consultant at Larus Business Automation, the first Italian Neo4j partner. I'm helping the Italian government, startups, banks and insurance companies to build successful architectures using Neo4j and other NoSQL technologies.
In the past, I worked as a software architect for a medium-sized Italian bank and also for an insurance company.

I met Neo4j, years ago, thanks to Lorenzo Speranzoni, the Italian Neo4j Ambassador and I used this cool technology for an asset management (a service catalogue) project that helped our IT department to avoid regressions and understand the impact that was related to changes when releasing software to production.

I'm also actively contributing to APOC and ETL projects.

I'm here to help the community, so, please feel free to ask me any question.

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Welcome to the forum Alberto ! I'm sure @michael.hunger will have a more personal message ;-) ... I'm just very impressed by the work you guys do ! Keep it coming !

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Thank you so much, Tom.
It's a pleasure to work with people like you, guys.