Accounting Model with General Ledger

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to come up with a model to store Accounting Data in Neo4J or any graph database,

Below is a primitive sketch of what I have in mind, the main issue with the accounting world is not many developers are expert in this domain to design the best data model,

Any suggestion on how to make a Ledger record that shares "Openning_balance" as a value property that dynamically updates down the chain?



Ah ha! So you want to do a ledger system, now I understand. One principle we're very likely to use here is versioning. Here's a blog post I wrote about versioning.

I have worked on a project in the past looking at building a ledger system, so let's have a think about how we'd take the above to incorporate it.

How often are there new entries on the ledger?



It is very frequently updated, this is very write-many/ read-many
I think versioning is a very useful feature for an accountant to know what was the state and who made changes to the object, but what's more dynamic that is a relationship's property value as OPENING_BALANCE .


Sorry for the delay - I will have a think about this!

Do you have any example data for a ledger in action by any chance?

LL, I have some use-case questions exactly relevant to your response above. Where is the place to discuss?


Sorry for the delay! Are you able to share it here publicly? It's a great way for everybody to get involved :)