Neo4j Graph Platform

Neo4j 4.0 We want to encourage feedback for the Neo4j 4.0 release. Please share your comments, experiences and findings but also ideas and suggestions for the new release. Main areas: Neo4j Bloom Neo4j Bloom is a graph visualization environment. GQL & openCypher Information and updates on the openCypher and GQL (Graph Query Language) efforts. ETL-Tool Questions around ETL with Neo4j Cluster Scalable and highly available Neo4j production installation run in causal clusters. Those guarantee fail-over and load balancing using smart clients. Consistency is guaranteed with the RAFT protocol and by using bookmarks and write quorums. Operations Operating Neo4j in production has many aspects, from security, monitoring, optimization. Topics like #neo4j-graph-platform:cluster and #neo4j-graph-platform:installation are covered separately. Browser The Neo4j Browser is a developer tool to write and execute Cypher queries. It helps with profiling, testing and visualization. Neo4j Browser is a React application that uses the Neo4j Javascript driver and comes out of the box with every Neo4j installation, e.g. Desktop, Cloud, Sandbox. Server Questions around Neo4j Server. Esp. the Bolt and HTTP endpoints, configuration issues that don't fit into #neo4j-graph-platform:operations Procedures & APOC You can use user-defined procedures and functions to extend Neo4j Visualization Graph Models of connected data lend themselves very well to visualization to gain new insights. Using tools like Neo4j Bloom, Neo4j Browser or dedicated libraries (open-source and commercial) you can get a lot of information out of these. Modeling Coming from other database backgrounds, data modeling in a graph differs and it pays off to learn about it. Import / Export Importing data into your graph is one of your first activities. Make sure to think about your graph model first before you dive into the import and check out the resources below: Cloud There are many ways of running Neo4j in the cloud. You can deploy via the marketplaces of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. There is support for Docker and Kubernetes (Helm). A dedicated Neo4j Cloud offering is in public beta and cloud hosting partners also offer Neo4j as a service. Cypher Questions around Cypher Syntax, Performance, Optimization and openCypher and GQL (Graph Query Language) Desktop Neo4j Desktop is the Electron based UI for Neo4j that allows you to create and manage databases, install plugins like APOC, Graph Algorithms and GraphQL and install and run Graph Apps like Neo4j Bloom, Neo4j-ETLs and others going forward: Graph Apps Please share your experiences or questions with Graph Apps for Neo4j Desktop here. Installation Neo4j can be run on any number of platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX), from cloud environments, on-premise servers, laptops, even raspberry-pi. It supports container environments like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubenetes and Mesos. Graph Algorithms We've built a dedicated graph algorithm library for Neo4j that you can install via Neo4j Desktop for clustering, path-finding and centrality analytics. It is well documented and there is also a dedicated O'Reilly book.
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