Drivers & Stacks

Ruby Ruby drivers have been available for a long time. Since the beginning, neo4jrb provided active-record and rails support and later neo4jrb-core offered a lower level driver. They also support the bolt protocol and also a Cypher DSL. PHP Our partner GraphAware maintains the PHP driver which also is officially supported by them. It runs on the bolt protocol and also comes with an OGM. There is a separate neo4j-symfony bundle available. Elixir/Erlang R Neo4j has been useful for R developers via RNeo4j. A newer driver “neo4r” is more actively developed and maintained. There is additional work for knitr integregration and plans for r-notebooks. Go Go is the latest addition to the official Neo4j Drivers family. Currently in beta, the will be GA in Q4 2018. It is built upon the general C-level driver and connector seabolt. Perl Perl is still popular in a number of domains, that's why Mark Jensen wrote the REST::Neo4p driver for Perl 5. You can ask your questions here, @stephen.hall offered to help you out. GraphQL & GRANDstack GraphQL is an API query language that allows you to express the data needs of your UI in an expressive way. It is a based on a strict schema which allows a lot of tooling, documentation, middleware to support application development. We provide integration for GraphQL with the GRANDstack (GraphQL, React, Apollo, Neo4j Database) using the neo4j-graphql-js library. Javascript Neo4j can be used in JavaScript either for Node backend applications, for web-apps in your browser or even for Electron apps. Neo4j Browser and Neo4j Desktop are examples of the latter, using the official neo4j-javascript driver. A lot of graph visualizations with Javascript are also using that driver. Python Python is widely used by Neo4j developers. From building web-applications to writing data science notebooks in Jupyter and running graph algorithms with pyspark. Besides the offical neo4j-driver there is also py2neo which has been around for a long time. .NET Neo4j has an official .Net driver but the neo4j-client library offers a lot of nice features on top of that. Folks have also been using Neo4j from F# and Excel. There are chocolatey packages available for quick installation. Java Neo4j itself is implemented in Java and Scala. You can use JVM languages to extend Neo4j (e.g. with procedures and functions) but also to build applications. There is also a dedicated #drivers-stacks:spring-data-neo4j-ogm category. Usually people would use the neo4j-java-driver or existing wrappers e.g. for Kotlin or Clojure. Spring Data Neo4j & Neo4j-OGM Many Java developers prefer to leave the boilerplate CRUD code to an object mapper and focus on the essential business logic and queries. To achieve this we provide Neo4j-OGM a plain Java mapper, that is the foundation of Spring Data Neo4j. It abstracts different ways to access Neo4j (embedded, bolt, http) and uses annotation based mappings.
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