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I would like to use LOAD CSV together with CASE. Depending on a value in one of the columns of each line, nodes with varying label should be created. In my example, I am dealing with two labels ("Input" and "Variable"). I tried the following: LOAD CS...

proedig by Visitor
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session.run nodes changed type from 1.7.6 to 4.x

In the python 1.7.6 driver, we call session.run(...) for a simple MATCH query and see that the returned data has  nodes where the type of the class is Node:   type(i).__name__: Node   When we do the same call in any 4.x version, the data comes back a...

[neosemantics] Load shacl data on startup (using apoc)

Hello, I want to load shacl data on neo4j startup. The following works to load "ordinary" graph data (in plan.cypher) and validation data (in validation.cypher) I added the following to my neo4j.conf:dbms.security.procedures.unrestricted=apoc.* I add...

Resolved! Importing nested XML Elements

Hi, the example  https://neo4j.com/labs/apoc/4.4/overview/apoc.load/apoc.load.xml/ works fine. But how to impoert nested XML Elements, e.g. if the https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/desktop/ms762271(v=vs.85)?redirectedfrom=MSD...

Michel by Node Clone
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MERGE to create new Relation from csv

I have two CSV files. 1. all_entities.csv: The list of all node entities and their attributes, e.g., name, type 2. relations.csv: Three columns that have EntityA, relation, EntityB   I created nodes using     LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS from "file:///all_...

wumirose by Node Clone
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Resolved! Custom node classification model

Hi, We're new to Neo4j and currently looking at using it for classifying nodes. Out of the box I see there are a few models as part of the GDS library (namely Logistic Regression and Random Forest) and we were wondering if there's any way to build ou...

dragos by Node
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cypher lookup tables????

i am trying to build an iot project using neo4j just for training. I have a few iot devices that measure the concentration of air pollution gases and store these values on neo4j. I have build a cypher query and i received the following results as i w...

results.JPG LUT.JPG

Node Classification using gdsl

I am currently looking into using gdsl for a node classification task in which context i have three questions. 1. Is it possible to use relationships instead of properties to train a model ? 2. Is it only possible to use numbers to train a model or c...

chris23 by Node Link
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Neo4j With NLP

Hi Connections , how to bring these below text raw data with meaningful insights by using NLP with neo4j and build mean Hi team, I am unable to connect to unix server via putty.Banco AztecaHost Name: ecIssues-AWS00-Issues4-Issues0AWS-AWSAWS4.compute-...

Resolved! Cypher query

I have many person nodes with a name property. I have one relationship "likes". What is the query for "Who are the persons that like Ed but do not like (have no relationship with) Alice, Bob, Charlie, and Dan?"

jpl by Visitor
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MongoDB Dependencies Causing Neo4j Malfunction

I am using Neo4j on a remote server (ubuntu 20.4) and would like to stream data from MongoDB to Neo4j. I followed the instructions here. I tried both ways by using the following approaches: 1) Use the following command: sudo wget https://github.com/n...

TK36 by Node Link
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