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Community Activity

Resolved! How to have a historical data in Graph Database?

Hi Team, I was playing with the Neo4j, and came across where i have to store historical data of a Customer. Like a Customer is Subscribed to a site with some preferences on 01-JAN-2020, and later say in 20-JAN-202 the Customer has changes his some of...

Error while configuring cluster in neo4j

I am creating a cluster with 3 primaries in AWS EC2 instance. I have enabled all the ports related to cluster in the security group. I have made all the relevant changes in the configuration file. Getting the below error when configuring the same. Pl...

How to recover a lost password of system user

Hello, I have tried to recover lost password of system user but unable to recover. $ ./cypher-shell -d system Connected to Neo4j 4.0.2 at neo4j://localhost:7687 . Type :help for a list of available commands or :exit to exit the shell. Note that Cyphe...

Docker neo4j admin import not working

Hi all, I am new to docker neo4j and met an interesting problem when trying to use docker admin import - the import failed due to neostore file locked, a common issue when DB is still running, but when I check the db status, it reported that it's no...


MERGING multiple nodes + SETTING properties

I am having a challenge merging nodes and also setting a property at the same time. Although it works, some nodes are still very independent instead of linking to other nodes. My objective is to connect the nodes with similar identities. ______ "LOAD...

eg.png graph_example.png
Reuben by Node Clone
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Label Propagation & K-means

Hi Can I use the k means after Label Propagation? I stored the community as a node property. However, an error occurred:Failed to invoke procedure gds.alpha.kmeans.write: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException I think that the community should be ...

apoc.merge.node vs apoc.merge.node.eager

The docs for these two procedures are exactly the same except for the word "eager". What does "eager" mean in this context? How do these two procedures operate differently? When would I want to use one or the other?

Neo4j Driver for Java Releases

A new version of the Neo4j Driver for Java is now available on Maven and Github:  Maven Repo ; Neo4j Java Driver (shaded package); GitHub Neo4j Java Driver releases. 

DB Shutdown All the Time

I have neo4j 3.5 version, the database on the linux RHEL 8 is going down everytime when the session is disconnected. I have started the database using below command :- neo4J console start & But the database still going down. Can Any one help me with ...

skmn_88 by Node Link
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