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How to find what does NOT satisfy a relationship

Application visualizes drug-drug interactions. Drug names are in node Names. Some drugs are members of classes (one and only one). Class is in node DrugClass, related to the drugs in Names by relationship DRUG_CLASS. Interactions between drugs are in...

create graph from json file with relation

Hi I have one problem with my json file (with tokens = nodes and relations) i need to import token and relation from json file to create graphe thankyou {"text": "CVE-2021-34481","start": 0,"end": 14,"token_start": 0,"token_end": 2,"entityLabel": "CV...

hicham by Visitor
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query relationship poor performance

Hello everyone,Please, can someone help me?I have set up a large date graph representing the ssb as shown in the diagram below. however, queries performed only on nodes even those with aggregation functions give very fast answers. however, as soon as...


NODES Training Series - Intro to Neo4j 18 October

In preparations for NODES 2022, we are hosting a selection of dedicated workshops at our NODES 2022 Training Series. First session: Intro to Neo4j Tuesday, October 18, 2022 10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST| 16:00 CEST | 20:30 IST Heard about graph database...

Chain of Nodes query

I want to write a query to get my chain of nodes  Loop HAS_TAG Tag  Tag HAS_ALARM Alarm Tag HAS_CABLE Cable  I want the 4 nodes in the same query   


Resolved! Cypher Fundamentals

Hi, Just starting on Cypher Fundamentals on an iMac(if that is relevant) Attempting the "Retrieving a Node" section.  Having entered answers a number of times, I resorted to trying the provided solution hint, in desperation, but still no output in Sa...

Deleting Emil

Hi, I'm trying out the academy course challenge : Emil Eifrem is not really an actor! We no longer want him in the database. Write the code to delete his node in the graph. With the below code but it says incorrect and I'm unable to continue. Match ...

Automatic Relationships

Hi,This is my first question on here, so I hope I'm in the right place! I want to ask whether it is possible to "auto-generate" relationships between nodes based on some. For instance, lets say I have a "Person" node  that has a firstName property Bo...

Create a new type of node using Bloom

I'm trying to create a new node using Bloom. However, it only allows me to choose from existing categories. For example, currently I have nodes with labels "Person", "School", "Vehicle", etc. I want to create a new type of node that is labeled as "Ph...

NODES 2022, Neo4j Online Education Summit - November 16 - 17, 2022.
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Intro to Neo4j

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Handling Neo4j data with Apache Hop

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Blazing Fast Graphs: Hands-on with Apache Arrow and Neo4j

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Graph EDA Using the Neo4j GDS Client

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