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User Defined Function

Hello  I have the following function that I found in this Ref I want to use this function to find the minimum dominating set. How can I execute this in neo4j?  function CYPHERGreedyAlgorithm MATCH(h) SET h.whiteness = 1 SET h.blackness = ...

Resolved! RETURN: excluding table lines with empty properties

Probably a typical newby question :-)...I have created the following table:MATCH (s:Source)WHERE s.title = $neodash_source_title  //  value comes from a parameter select functionWITH s LIMIT 1MATCH (s:Source)-[r:PRODUCED_BY ]->(p:Producer)-[v:HAS_NAM...

guido by Node Link
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NeoDash parameters with other parameters

First - LOVE Neodash - Thanks to @Niels de Jong This is what I was looking for - very happy I attended this session at GraphConnect 2022!I'm curious about a couple things:1 - parameters.  I was able to add a bit more complexity by manually editing th...

Resolved! Case insensitive query for a user filter

I'm using neo4j-driver inside of a lambda function. I found the way to run a case insensitive query using regex by adding WHERE m.name =~ '(?i)neo'. This works when I'm not using a parameter. I've tried all of the ways in the following article, but h...

Resolved! merge multiple node with neo4j-driver in js

hello im trying to get variables of an array and create node for them so i have a foreachwords.forEach((res, index) => {to get all of the items and then run this query session.run(`MERGE (n:words{name:'${res}'})`) }but i get this error Queries cannot...

Resolved! How to make load csv go faster?

Greetings, I have the following load csv cypher wrapped inside the apoc.periodic.iterate. I tried to increase the batch size and I am getting locking errors. It is loading at very slow pace. What is a way to increase the loading speed and not get dea...

skmami by Node Clone
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Can I use Neo4j Bloom in a web based application?

I want to know whether there is a way to call some API from Bloom in a web based api. For example, I have a search box on my graph application site and after users type a term in the search box, it searches the graph, return the results, nodes, prope...

lingvisa by Graph Fellow
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Getting a subgraph from a big graph

Hi folks,I am attempting to get a subgraph and graph data(as '.txt 'or other formats) from a big graphApproach 1: Randomly sample all nodes types from the large graph   MATCH (source: Node)-[r*..]-(target: Node) WHERE source.name<>target.name WITH so...

wumirose by Node Clone
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APOC - apoc.load.xml

Hello guys,  I have an issue and could need some help, because its a bit frustrating.  I wanted to use the apoc.load.xml to import some data and create also Nodes and Properties with them. I've tried this one and it worked well:  The Graph-Part shou...

code3.png nodes.png code2.png hierarchie.png

Resolved! Doubt in architecture of my database

Good morning,I am creating an application in which I will have several nodes connected to a main node: to which I want to put a label: Language. This language type node will have a field [ name: English ] and it can be activated or deactivated in the...

dairon by Node
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